About Tax-Free

What is Tax-Free?

This Tax-Free system is for the Japanese consumption tax. It is an exceptional measure in the tax law and only foriegn custmomers may claim exception from the consumption tax.

All tax refund procedures are regulated by the Consumption Tax Law and are not operated by the company.

Customers who can apply for Tax-Free

● I judge a candidate in a passport and a short-term stay visa fundamentally.

● the visa in the passport at the time of Japan entry is a "temporary visitor", and is not "reentry to Japan".

● A duty-free object is only Nonresident.

◆About a nonresident.

A judgment of a "resident" and a "nonresident" is performed by whether it will continue for one year or more, and a habitation place is whether an address is not in nationality but in Japan, and in Japan.
Those who have neither an address nor an address in Japan.
Those with whom the period which there is no address into Japan, and continues in Japan, and has an address is not filled in 1
Those who are staying overseas for two years or more

Conditions for Tax-Free purchase

● The goods which are Tax-Free targets are the cases where a goods unit price exceeds 5,401 yen.

● Tax exemption is possible only at coming to the store.Tax exemption by a mail order is omitted.

Tax refund procedures

● Since the visa of a passport and a short-term stay (less than 90 days) is checked, the person himself/herself needs to bring at any cost in the case of coming to the store.

● When there is no issue of a short-term stay visa, the things (a resident card, a green card, etc.) which can prove that he is a nonresident are required.

● At the time of purchase,a card entitled "Record of Purchase of Consumption-Tax-Exempt for Export"will be attached to your passport.

● This card will be collected at the Customs when you leave Japan.

important points of Duty-free goods after purchase

● Don't hand over to others before departure from a country.

● To send by separate post, the procedure in a customhouse is required in advance.

● A consumption tax is collected while not carrying on the occasion of departure from a country.

● Please show a customhouse the "export exemption goods record-of-purchase vote" stuck on "the purchased duty-free goods" and a passport in the case of departure from a country.

Please see below for the details.






● 基本的にパスポートと短期滞在査証にて対象者を判断いたします。

● 日本入国時の旅券にある査証が「短期滞在」であり「再入国」でないこと。

● 免税の対象者は非居住者のみとなります。




● 免税の対象となる商品は商品単価が5,401円を超える場合です。

● 免税は来店のみで可能です。通販での免税は行っておりません。


● 来店時、パスポートと短期滞在査証(90日以内)を確認するので、来店の際は必ずご本人がお持ちください。

● 短期滞在査証の発行がない場合、非居住者であることを証明できるもの(住民票・グリーンカード等)が必要です。

● 当店がお客様の旅券に輸出免税物品購入記録票を貼ります。

● 輸出免税物品購入記録票は、お客様が出国する際に税関が回収いたします。


● 出国前に他人に譲渡してはいけません。

● 別送する場合には、事前に税関での手続きが必要です。

● 出国の際に携帯していなかったときは、消費税が徴収されます。

● 出国の際には、「購入した免税物品」とパスポートに張付けされた「輸出免税物品購入記録票」を税関に提示してください。